Tawny Floweret II, Shadow Box

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Behold an exquisite piece that captures the essence of nature's timeless beauty. Against a backdrop of delicately textured linen, a symphony of preserved flowers takes center stage, their petals frozen in a moment of graceful splendor. Each bloom is meticulously encased in a warm brown finish, a testament to both nature's artistry and the craftsman's touch. The rosewood-hued polycomposite frame cradles this botanical masterpiece, its rich tones a perfect complement to the preserved flora. Encased in glass, this shadow box invites you to marvel at its captivating display, a celebration of nature's fleeting wonders. Pair it with its coordinating counterpart for a harmonious ensemble that will infuse any space with a touch of timeless elegance
Dimensions: 1.5 W X 20 H X 20 L (in)
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